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How to Get Windows Really Clean

Homeowners take pride in their homes, making the house sparkle in the sun and generally trying to increase the visual appeal of a residence. This can be tough when it comes to cleaning the hard to reach places or getting the windows to look just right.

People generally try cleaning windows with paper towels and a spray cleaner. However, that method usually ends up with streaks or the dirt re-arranged in lines and arcs, rather than a clean and shiny window.

Professionals use other methods to clean windows. This is because they have limited time to spend cleaning a window, and it is because they want to get the job done efficiently. These professionals know all the methods that can be used to clean a window.

The most efficient and easiest way involves a squeegee. This is because the squeegee reaches more of the window surface in a single swipe. It also allows you to clean the window and see the difference easily.

Using a squeegee with a bucket of warm water with one squirt of dishwashing liquid in it allows you to clean your windows more efficiently, more quickly and also to a better shine and look when the cleaning is over. It is also important to note that using a squeegee decreases your risk of scratching the glass.

If there happens to be tough spots that won’t come off easily with the squeegee, then consider using fine steel wool gently on the window panes of small windows. A powder with oxalic acid is a better choice for spots on bigger windows. This can be turned into a paste and applied with a wet towel. Once the paste is removed, the window should be rinsed with clean water. These methods are quicker and more efficient when a person becomes used to using them for cleaner windows.